MMA saved my life! Car accident

I was involved in a major car accident last Saturday. It was really nasty
outside and I was doing my last minute Christmas shopping. I bought a
treadmill and throw into the back of my Pontiac Vibe. As I'm merging
onto the highway, I get side railed by a small car and it spins me 360. I
think that the most instinctive thing to do would be to grab your wheel
and sit back. Instead, I all of a sudden felt like I needed to block a high
kick on my left side. The very second I put my left guard up, my elbow
and shoulder run into the window, which should've been my face. I was
knocked out for a second, but when I wake up, I notice that the
treadmill is gone. I crawl out of the car and notice that the treadmill
took out a huge highway sign and the sign had fallen on top of it.

This was the craziest shit that's ever happened to me or anyone I know.
The good news is that the treadmill works, the company is shipping me
new replacement parts for free, the car will be fixed and nobody got
hurt expect for me getting dizzied up and a few bruises on my left

I swear that MMA and hardcore sparring has given me such an instinct
to be aware and alert at all times in every situation. I just wonder if I'd
be in a hospital bed right now if I never covered up and clinched the
wheel instead at that split second.

I wish you all a safe and merry christmas. Please be careful on the

Glad you are ok....

Mad story! Glad that training has finally come in handy for something other than this "bloodsport" we all love so much :)

I'll bet that's what blocking a Cro Cop left high kick feels like man! ;)

Seriously, glad you're OK, many people are not so fortunate.

Dude, I bet I could take a Crocop left kick and Bob Sapp bum rush after this :)

As sick as it is, the treadmill ads a little humor to the story, the fact that it's still working. My car took more damage than that damn thing.

Thanks for the support everybody :)

MMA rocks!

glad you're ok.

Hope you and your family have a good christmas


Good stuff on not gettin hurt.

A similar situation happened to me last winter.  I was in the back seat of a suv that went off the road & angled into a deep ditch at about 35-40mph.  Like you, I put up a guard (on both sides).  My forarms banged on the door, the window, etc.... but my head was protected.  When all was said & done, one person went to the hospital, another broke a window with his head, and I was sore but ok.

ttt for training.

Actually, what you did was not a result of sparring, but a built in survival instinct called a "protective flinch."

Anybody in your situation would have done the same thing. The part of your brain that accesses "blocking" skills does not process information fast enough to deal with high-speed emergencies like that, however the subconscious mind DOES and reacts much faster than training-based muscle memory ever can.

What you attribute to "instinct" from sparring, is instinct to us ALL...... and is the very basis of Tony Blauer's SPEAR System. Many, many, many people have had similar experiences to yourself, with ZERO training whatsoever.

Anyway, glad you are safe, and hope you have a good New Year.

I'm very glad you are OK. The Pontiac Vibe was one of the worst rated cars to be in in a major accident.

Glad your ok, Randleman also was saved by mma training in a car accident.