MMA school in CA?

I'm looking for a MMA school in California (I live in Vacaville, California so anywhere between San Francisco and Sacramento). I'd like to be able to fight MMA matches within 1-2 years and I want to find a good trainer and some people with experience to train with...thanks for the help.

ttt... I know someone has some help him.


Every day...1 hour max.

Cesar Gracie

Since you are looking for MMA your best bet is Cesar Gracie.

There is no way this guy is going to make it to Fairtex or Cesar's in 1 hour from Vacaville, especially through traffic. And we're talking both ways.

Your best bet is to go to Sac and look for a BJJ school there, perhaps Cassio Werneck's. There's a couple, you'll have to look. There may be others...

OK Spidey, I stand corrected on Cesar's. There still no way in hell he makes it to Fairtex in an hour during the daytime, unless he's got an innate ability to go a consistent 90-100 MPH while avoiding traffic AND CHP.

As for Chris Brennan's school? Does he have one in the Bay Area I don't know about? Because the drive to Fairtex will seem like child's play compared to the 5-8 hr drive to Southern CA.

I think he was being a moron again :)

Cesars is the place to go up there

Thanks for the plug Chris.

Cool guys, thanks a lot for the info and the advice. I have no clue where Gracie's school is man, so if anyone knows the address that'd be great.Thanks.

Question for pantherfist, why would you guide him to a BJJ school when he is wants MMA? Just in case you forgot, BJJ does not = MMA.

Isn't there a Sac BJJ school that produced the guy that Mike Kyle walked though at the last WEC?


Okay, so if BJJ isn't going to cut it for MMA, what would?


I would guide him to a BJJ school because that is the closest I know of a MMA school in his general area. If some MMA school opened near Vacaville that I knew about, obviously I would tell him to go there. I feel for the guy, it's a pain in the ass to be driving forever every day for some training.

Where else did you want me to tell him to go? The Wing Chun school in Citrus Heights or the Tae Kwon Do schools in Rancho Cordova that I know about?