MMA schools opening near Ann Arbor

Is anyone trying to open a MMA/BJJ gym near the A2,Ypsi,Belleville area? Email me if so! Maybe we could work something out.
734 368-2763

        -Jon Travis

Seriously?!?!?! That's a little far for me, but still....


there was a thread here a few days ago about a MMA school in Belleville.

You should buy a blue name so that you can search for it. :)



"Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?"

I have alomost everything to start a gym Mats(20x30-3in.thick),gloves,bags,pads,ex.. or 734 368-2763

Holla back, Jon


TTT, Nobody is interested?

Great place there, man... This is an amazing opportunity.

TTT-I have 30days to move/find a place!
Holla Back, JT

29days and counting

No I'm not selling anything. Read the post.


"maybe we could work something out"
If someone was to open a MMA/BJJ or whatever kinda school I would be willing to furnish the gym with mats,gloves,bags,ex.( but the equiptment is not for sale!)


bump for sandman.