MMA should be great in October

UFC 280 is on paper the best MMA card of the year Bellator 286 looks like Bellator’s best card of the year.

ONE will air their 3rd ONE on PRIME card which hopefully has some big fights. They also have a couple other shows.

UFC has three Fight Nights headlined Barboza vs Toporia, Connoneir vs Strickland and Dern vs Yan and Bellator has an Italy show as well.

Bellator 286 Quick Card


UFC 280 Quick Card

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So apparently Mayweather is boxing Mikuru Asakura, the 93rd ranked FW in MMA on a RIZIN card at the end of September.

Sounds thrilling.

I just happened to catch spike fight on a bellator re-run yesterday. Dude has heart and chin, but this is a crazy mismatch. Mckee is getting a highlight tee’d up for him.

I think Coker is putting together a LW GP for 2023. He told the media its being discussed. I don’t think they want McKee to risk losing before the tourny since he just got his first L in his last fight. I still think they hope for him to be one of their biggest stars in the US. This is also his first fight up at LW so I’m sure his team does not want him thrown to the wolves.

Oh shit! Just looked that up and saw Patricio win the rematch. Time fucking flies these days and I also don’t pay attention like I used to. I saw it was a UD. How did the fight play out? Thanks

I missed that fight too and only saw clips of it in replays a while ago to be honest.

Best Bellator card of the year tomorrow. Should be great.

Bellator 286 Quick Card


US West

I’m gonna catch a replay of tonights ONE on Prime before Bellator card tomorrow. Should be a good way to kickoff October MMA.

Main card:

ONE on Prime Video 2 Quick Card
ONE on Prime Video 2 Quick Card