MMA shows in Hawaii YEAR schedule?

As Hawaii is a fav. spot for lots of people to go on vancation too (despite what some would have you believe, I was never attacked for being a non-Hawaiian while there...nor were my folks/bro), it would be cool if a list of all shows in Hawaii were listed WELL in advance (as it isn't the same as doing a road-trip for many).

What I mean is, it would suck to go to Hawaii and then a week after you leave have Penn vs. Gomi happen. There must be a way for Shooto, ROTR, etc. to post their year-long schedule ahead of time (or at least probably/tentative dates).

Come on, I can go summer-winter 2005 ;o) (booked until next spring) Give me Penn vs. Hughes 2 and I good to go! =)

btw, this post was a result of reading about the next Shooto card and me being annoyed about the general lack of PPVs.

If PPV was there, then no problem (as who wouldn't want to go to Las Vegas for a weekend? That would be awesome (never been myself), but at least I can spend 30 bucks and watch it at home).

i don't know how far out in advance they list events... probably not as far out as you'd like to see... but i think the closest thing we have so far is

Talking about events in Hawaii, does anyone know
when the next SuperBrawl is gonna be?

Here we go again the "anti-Hawaiian" thread! lol