MMA Specific Solo Drills

Every gym i go to, i see some different solo drills. Sweep steps, triangle/armbar pulls, etc., to build muscle memory and all that jazz. What i want to do is make a bit of a warm up circuit for myself while i take time off training for college, consisting of these "drills".

I know i listed some basic BJJ stuff, but wrestling, boxing, muay thai, anything you can think of outside of simply "Shadow Boxing", would be awesome.


the only bag-less mma-specific workout i can think of is shadowboxing into shots.  Otherwise, a heavy bag costs under a hundred dollars.

My solo bag workout, mainly floor stuff:

bodylock lifts, run across room, slam the back into side control, pop to knee on belly, gnp hard 10 punches, go to mount, gnp hard 10 punches, jump off, lift the bag, repeat 10x

Scramble around the bag a la sean sherk

Sprawl on the bag, throwing knees

Chest spins

cartwheel passes over the bag

The Ultimate Floor Bag workout by Mark Hatmaker is good stuff, give it a look.


bouncing those little rubber superballs off the wall, trying to catch them
in the middle of shadowboxing--for reaction time. Anderson Silva does
some stuff like that. Work knee-on-belly on a rubber medicine ball, for can never shrimp too much...wrestling drills like sitting out,
or that four corners your southpaw shadowboxing...


check out kesting's grappling drills dvd...a lot of those drills can be done solo and you can chain them together for a circuit...hatmaker's bag workout is awesome too,but you'll need a heavybag. if you can fit one into your living space, do circuits solo and incorporate the bag...good luck.

I myself train solo alot due to travel and job constraints.

This is a perfect time to work on your conditioning. Utilize long distance running as well as interval training w sprints. It's effective and free. Also spend a few dollars on a jump rope and work intervals with the rope. Calisthetics such as lunges, squats, pushups, pullups and dips ala crossfit will do wonders for your conditioning.

For striking now is a good time to work on form. Utilize a mirror for shadowboxing and work on correcting your mistakes. For boxing stick to the basics such as jabs, double jabs, 1-2, 1-2-3, and uppercut hook. For your thai boxing utilize the same combos but finish with an opposing elbow, knee or roundkick ala Bas Rutten.

Grappling is much more difficult to train solo than striking. I utilize a circuit consisting of breakfalls, rolls, standing in base, shrimping, shoots and sprawls. It's excellent as a warm up or as a workout in itself.

Lastly, if u have a grappling dummy you can work on clinch work and greco roman throws. Without a dummy I highly recommend grabbing a friend and working on tie ups and clinch work as the clinch is the one skill people don't work on enough as it is.

Good luck in your training. Hope I was able to help.

best solo drill i can think of is sit on hand for twenty minutes and drill one one out ... also known as the stranger

sorry couldn't help it
try 20 burpees to 20 sit ups, followed by shadow boxing for a minute to a minute of hands on wall throwing knees sprawling every ten knees thrown has a whole section devoted to them