MMA sports betting thread

Being Japanese is a net negative in mma and Sato has been subbed a lot. His defensive grappling has gotten better, and Gunnar wasn’t able to sub him, but Battle is much younger than Gunnar and is coming down from 185, so he’s gonna be pretty large compared to Sato and bigger than Gunnar imo. Should translate to an easier dub if not a finish by sub/KO.

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I really like Marlon Vera -190 in a couple of weeks. I don’t think Cruz has anything to offer against him.
Vera has been super tough lately too. I see Vera getting the win and Cruz retiring.

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Wasn’t Frankie beating Vera until the kick came? I can see Dom out pointing Vera for a dec.

This weekends card is hard to get on. I may throw some money on Santos

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nice work

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I had a huge bet on Umalatov at opening odds but it got voided because of visa issues.

I love Rory but his time has passed and I didn’t think he had any chance against such a great prospect.

Funny because my gf was going through old pictures of me and my kids and we found a few at Tristar here on Ferrier Street. I was telling her the story of how that day Rory was launching people around the cage and how we had never seen anything like it. This was when he was just starting to get popular.

I was telling her how we had a huge bet against Rory and she could not understand how I could bet against someone we admire. IDGAF how much I like Rory lol , I’m chasing that maney $$$

I have a medium sized bet on Lipski, I think she might even finish Cachoeira in the 2nd but betting ML at -185 (5 dimes)

Good luck every1 make dat maney $$$$


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