MMA Sprawl off a kick....

This question is basically for when someone catches a Thai kick, and is going for a take down. I would like to learn how to avoid the takedown.

Suppose I throw a right legged thai kick to my opponent's left leg. He catches the kick, and holds the leg with both hands while stepping into me. My leg may end up outside of his left leg, or between his legs.

I'm wondering what the best method to counter the takedown is. I'm sure there are different methods depending on his actions and how he is holding my leg. Any insight or feedback for this situation would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to expand on positions, my/his movements, or anything you feel is important to beating the takedown.

Thanks ahead of time for any input,

whizzer with your right arm (like an overhook), bend your right leg with your shin pushing against his thigh. you can use your left hand to push his head away, YANK up with the whizzer, and thrust your leg down and away from him. against a good wrestler, you won't have much chance with this (the technique is good, but if you're asking this question, your opponent probably has much more wrestling experience than you).


next, there's a sweep to knee-bar (especially useful if your leg is in between his). again, he has a hold on your right leg. right hand- hook the back of his neck (you don't have to feel like you have control of your head- it's just to keep him relatively close for a moment). nowswing your left leg behind his legs as you drop your body to the ground and scissor your legs. immediately move in for the knee bar or transition to another leg lock.

you can practice this slowly by hanging on to his neck tight with your right hand, posting your left hand on the mat to your side and completeling the technique.

you can also do this if your right leg is in front of his, but this puts your leg in greater danger of a leg lock. only use this if you are confident in your subs.

also, remember that you can still strike! if both of his hands are tied up on your leg, whizzer and post your leg on his (as described above) to balance momentarily, and aim for the nose!!!


honestly, to teach you good counters to the single, we'd have to teach you the whole single leg series. needless to say, it would take quite a while.

these are just a couple of suggestions (i'm sure you will get more), but there are several counters, and many counters to those. if you can, find someone who's good with the single and get him to concentrate on that with you. i'm sure it will pay off as i'm sure the single is bound to become much more popular in MMA.

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