MMA stars as kids(pics)

Another pic of Kirik.

LOLOLLL are those from Facebook? And, yah, that’s me, doing my favorite things - butterflies at 8, Taekwondo and wrestling at 16. In the middle I was crazy about firecrackers, but stayed out of photo range when I indulged that love :slight_smile:

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You posted them in a different thread.There were 3 pictures all together.I cant remember the name of the thread right now & I didnt post in it.

Found it.It was from a thread called Dept of F`n Cool.

Here was the 3rd pic.

Logan Paul.

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I’m braver than I thought I was to post that pic :slight_smile:

baby rose

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Sorry,it was called …From the Dept of F`n Cool post number 109.

Young Tito bottom right.

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Not a kid but here is Tank in High School.

Having a hard time posting it ^^^

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He really gives off a bully vibe even in hs