MMA Stats: Taking the sport to another level?


Does Statistics in MMA allow the sport to grow to a whole new level?

Other sports that MMA are competing with such as Football, Baseball, Basketball, etc all put a high level of importance on Individual Statistics. I know they are team sports, but MMA is already benefiting in many different ways from the addition of stats.

1. Legitimate MMA news casts can be produced thanks to companies like and Commentating and reports were more opinion based and bias before stats were taken.  

2. Fantasy Sports, which is a billion dollar industry can now get involved because legal fantasy sports have to be stat based. These type of games, such as ours at adds a whole new level of excitement to fights. NFL fans have experienced this for years and it has really paid off for them as an organization. (I know....a shameless plug)

3. Stats could somehow be incorporated into the Judges arsenal to help end those horrible decisions and robbing fighters of Wins. If they could somehow see important stats that do have effects on fights along with TV monitors, it could change decisions for the better.

4. Finally helping shape the title contention picture. Usually in at least a couple weight classes, there are multiple fighters in the mix for a title shot. Right now, there is no clear cut way of there being a number 1 contender. Maybe if stats were involved more in the decision process, it would clear up at least a little confusion. It might also make fights a little more exciting at that level because fighters won't just want to squeak by with a win to keep them in contention, but will want to produce the stats to guarantee them the title shot.

Just a couple random thoughts.....

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I love stats, they can make sports more intriguing. One website with a complete database would be awesome Phone Post