MMA stock market game...

This game will test your ability to identify fighters who will soon rise in the ranks.

The idea is to "buy low and sell high".

It will be based off the list at

Since this list has some fighters with matches that have gone unrecorded, you can also thrive by identifying someone who looks to be undervalued based on missing fights from their recent win/loss record.

Playing will take up very little of your time. The enjoyment you will get will come from trying to guess which fighters will do great things in the future.

I am looking for up to 10 know-it-alls to start off with. :)

Post your name on this thread to join. Ask any questions you may have.

First, you should read the blurb at the top of to learn how the rankings work.

From there, you're looking to "buy" someone who is ranked low, who you feel will soon rise.