The Fight Lab is a store by fighters for fighters. We carry many of the major brands of clothing and gear.
Such as Tapout, Full Contact Fighter, Sprawl, Ouano, Outkast fight gear, Hitman, and Konjo.
We opened this store to help bring public awereness to our sport. We are also a nutrition store and so we get a lot of general people coming into the store and then we are able to talk to them, and show them about or sport.
We have UFC parties at the store and every one invited to come.
We would like to thank a few people that have helped us, sported us. FUNEWS.NET and SHERDOG.COM For posting our grand opening . (Support the people that support you)
We hope that you everyone can come down and check out the store we are in Temecula and our email address is and are web sight is its kind of a sad web sight but its there.
And support the sports


26810 ynez ct. # B temecula ca. 92591
951 308 1977
support the sport

ill have to swing through sometime and check it out...



Temecula huh? not too far from me.. I think I will
check that out and alert some people I know down there
about it


Support Fight Lab TTT


I hope that the store does work out.
we have been open for 6 months now and with the support from the sport and mma fans like You guys. we will make it and will we be able to open more store to help the sport grow
A store by fighters for fighters

the website isn't that bad at all. you just need to finish it. get the site up and we'll support you!

sounds good we plain to have it done or another sight up by the first of the year support your local fight store

Great idea, its about time.. but.. Temecula?? If this works out great I think a superstore type place anywhere in the 310 area code will work out awesome. Just a thought.

we would like to get a few stores open in southern CA.
but we need the support of the sport so that we can do this

awesome best of luck



ill check it out when i go to the next KING OF THE CAGE, keep us all posted

I will drop by, if you are cometitive at all price wise I will give you my business for supplements and such.

Congrats and good luck on your new business.

Temecula was my hometown since 1973, old school.

These guys are great, and I know they really do support the sport. Hope that everything works out.


The Fight Lab is the shiznit the have been sponsoring me since they opened anything I have ever needed they have within a day or two. Cory is a great guy stop in and just say hi if you are around.

The Wildman

The wildman thanks for the love. good luck in your fight coming up.
and we are very low on are supplements we beat ever ones price in town