MMA Street Fighter Movie Wins

First thanks to all of those here who have supported the movie. I am happy to say that we won the award for "Best Fight Choreography In A Feature Film" last night at the AOF International Film Festival. Thanks to the stunt team for working so hard.

Here is a trailer:

And where do we d/l it from?


Seriously, this could be the first decent MA movie in a LOOOONG time

It was really low budget, but we used great cameras and the fights are very good. The story itself has gotten a great response too, as it isn't about revenge or a guy trying to be champ.

looks like it is on the same level as "Blood of the Samurai" if anyone has ever seen that....low budgety, but pretty good overall.

No offense to Blood of the Samurai, but this is much, much better!



Have you paid your dues, Jack?

Yes sir, the check is in the mail.

Burton's a good man .Best of luck on your movie