MMA Sun Rumor Time

Over the past few days I have teased a Rumor Mill of my own. I would like to think that these rumors are more credible than other popular MMA Rumor Mills. I cannot cite sources, nor can I guarantee all these things will come to fruition, but these are things I have heard. I am not reporting them as done deals, I am simply saying these rumors may have some legs. Take them for what they are worth.

Joe Silva has a Twitter account. There have been several Twitter accounts that have opened under the name “Joe Silva”, claiming to be the UFC matchmaker. However, all those have been fake. However, Joe Silva does have a Twitter page. He does not use it to post, but he uses it to read fans and media comments. I am told UFC is driven by Twitter. Joe Silva gets some match making ideas from Twitter. This may not be news as some have speculated this before.

UFC will come to Russia. Dana White has said as much. However, i am hearing that it will be March or April 2014. Dana and Lorenzo will soon travel to Russia to work out the details. UFC has high hopes for Eastern Europe.

UFC has recently been in talks with Satoshi Ishii. Not sure this is groundbreaking, but it is true. I am not saying a deal has been reached, but I am saying there were discussions.

Bellator will promote their upcoming PPV as Tito vs. Rampage. You will see very few places where it is marketed as Bellator MMA or Bellator 106. The internal hope is that some casual fans will see the familiar UFC names and mistake the Bellator card for a UFC card and order it.

I am also hearing Bellator is in financial trouble. I can confirm another report that they closed one branch of their company. They also have released their female fighters. Yes, Viacom has deep pockets, but they are not MMA people. They saw an opportunity to make money in MMA, and invested in Bellator. They will not just keep bleeding. To them it is a dollars and cents issue. Several things have been discussed internally. One of them being, replacing Bjorn Rebney. Viacom execs are not satisfied with Fight Master ratings and may feel Rebney is not headed in the right direction. The impact of the upcoming PPV could determine a lot for the future of Bellator.

UFC discussed adding another female weight class, but they have decided that now is not the right time. Within 2 years, we could see a men’s straweight and women’s flyweight divisions.

Don’t read too much into the RFA’s use of the “octagon”. Yes, the UFC granted them permission to use it, but there is no formal relationship there. However, UFC is friendly with much of the RFA brass, including president, Ed Soares.

Don’t be surprised to see Mike Swick vs. Tim Kennedy on the UFC Fight for the Troops card. If not against each other, then perhaps fighting other opponents. Swick is certainly moving up to middleweight and both would be logical fits for a Fight for the Troops card.

Despite, Dana White’s saying he is not concerned about the Fox Sports 1 deals with Dish Network, Time Warner and DirecTV, the UFC is frustrated with the initial move. From what I hear, the whole thing has been annoying to say the least. From the lack of subscribers, to the Cullinary Union attempt to have Sonnen pulled from the card.

TUF Brazil 3 will be changing channels in Brazil, but will take place in early 2014. Word on the street is that it will feature flyweights. Expect tryouts to be in October and to likely coincide with the UFC event in Brazil on October 9th.

Additionally, UFC would like to have a few more TUF editions in the second half of 2014. There have been rumblings of TUFs in Indonesia, Japan, India, U.K., and Mexico.

Speaking of Brazil, the rumor today is the November event in Brazil will be headlined by Lyoto Machida vs. Vitor Belfort. I guess the Belfort-Dan Henderson thing didn’t work out.

Bobby Lashley could be headed to Bellator really soon, perhaps even for their PPV.

All these rumours seem legit. That was a fun read. Please be sure to post more of these.

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Bellator at it again trying to mislead the casual fans into thinking they are watching a quality product. Phone Post

I had a feeling that the situation of bellator was somewhere along those lines. Viacom doesnt care that much about mma they just threw some money at bellator and hoped that they could get some instant sucess like they did with the ufc. Im betting that viacom will dump bellator by the end of the year. After that I wouldnt be surprised if showtime picks them up.

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its from Jason Coles from mmasun.

He is someone you should folllow on twitter.

That dude's track record has proven very poor. It's worse than FRB's. I think he was 1-4 on Bellator signing reports. An average fan guessing would have done better. And he usually misreported from what I'd seen before that. Plus he has an axe to grind with Bellator. Take what he says with a grain of salt at this point.