MMA takedowns: shoot high?

I´ve noticed one thing about Coutures takedowns. When I looked at his century tape with takedowns for grappling he showed all the regular takedowns like the doubble leg, singel.... And when he shot in he dropped to his knees like most wrestlers.
But when you look at his mma fights he usually shoots much higher and just runs through his opponents tackling them or picks them up and slams them.

Do you prefer to not drop to your knees when you shoot in mma? Not as easy to get sprawled on? Not the same risk to eat a knee? Or is it just because the stance is much more upright in mma than wrestling and you simply don´t have to change levels as much?


good question.....

my guess would be what you mentioned regarding the stance of the mma fighter. Also, tackling type doubles can be used to drive your opponent into the fence. The fence is a big factor in mma.