MMA The most brainwashed, pointless, violent sport


who gives a fuck what some pussy who posts shit on craigslist thinks.

 Comparing professional athletics to prostituion is really reaching.

You can look at a pro-football player in two drasticly different ways.

As a young man whos living his dream to play his sport at the highest level, be admired by millions of his countrymen and make a fortune being set for life.

As a young man who feels he doesnt have the intellect or skill to cut it in the real world so he has to run his body into the ground or else risk starving. He's one injury away from being broke and he has to play hurt so his knees might be bone on bone by 30.

But the bottom line is theres a million dudes whod kill to be Javon Kearse and theres a million more who want to be Forest Griffin.

why did you even waste time reading all that crap?

i sure as hell didn't

di ick!

i'm not exactly proud of what the sport has become, but that guy is trippin

I love how he keeps saying it isn't about fighting.

It is about fighting. It is about thwarting your opponent by any means whether harmful or not. MMA is a controlled form of fighting? So fucking what? If you can't come to terms with this and still enjoy it, then I'd recommend therapy.

This guy took about 3 years to find that he's not a true Warrior and he's pissed off lol!!

That's how i see it ;-)

It's ok for me, not everybody are born to be a warrior.

Birdman3015 - What a maroon

+1, and glad to see this phrase in use

That was FRAT-astic!

This dude is not a purple belt. You don't train for 3 years and become a purple belt with this kind of attitude.


I agree 100% with everything he said.

 That guy probably tried it to look like a badass and impress his friends. He sparred one day, got hit in the face one day, cried like a bitch and ran home and quit instead of putting in the effort to improve so now he spends his time on craigslist trying to justify his decision when he's not playing with his sister's Barbie dolls.

i stopped reading after the "3 yrs purle belt in bjj...head trauma, blood spilt." wtf.

he must be still into katas and believing the mysticism of his tma of choice.

how do you know what moves are practial unless tested in a "controlled" fight with rules.

The world is unpredicatble man. You never know what life is gonna throw @ you and i wanna be prepared for it if it's a threat on my life or family or attaining discipline from training.

I like how point 5 is repeated in 9, 20, 27, 33, and 36 for emphasis.  Very subtle brainwashing attempt there, clevercraigslistposter!



This guy sounds like a TMA'er who tried MMA, got his ass kicked repeatedly, and is now bitter (and still a pussy).

"The world is unpredicatble man. You never know what life is gonna throw @ you and i wanna be prepared for it if it's a threat on my life or family or attaining discipline from training. "

"MMA" is sport fighting in a controlled environment. It
has fuck all to do with real world life threatening situations. If someone wants you or your family dead, pulling guard while a guy and his buddy have a gun to your daughter's head isn't going to help the situations. But keep telling yourself whatever you need to, to justify the fact that you roll around on the ground with other grown men when what you should have done was stay in school, get a degree, enabling you to live in a better part of town surrounded by better people. That would have helped keep your family safer than any color belt anyone could ever give you. But keep telling yourself "your a warrior, and this is what warriors do"

Your not warriors lol, just a bunch of middle aged, brain dead losers who couldn't make it in the real world that found a common banner you can all rally under to feel less like a waste of space in a modern world that revolves around brains, not brawn. MMA is the punch line to everyone's favorite joke. It didn't used to be.

You want to "fight", you want to be a "warrior"? pick up a flight to Iraq or another place around the world where American soldiers are being killed and give them a hand. No you won't be paid, no you won't be on TV. But you will save lives. But none of you are going to do that, because your not "warriors" your just a bunch of pre-Madonnas looking for something to justify your failed lives.

I have been a part of NHB/MMA since before it had a name and watched it grow into the joke it is today.

This guy is correct about a lot of things but not everything.

I stopped reading at gymnastics.