MMA through motorcyclists eyes..

I also belong to a motorcycle forum, and they have an "OG" over there where different things are discussed. Well, K-1 and MMA came up. Most people are fairly knowledgable. But read this guys post. I busted up laughing...

"I also have a good bit of martial art experience and a few on the street under my belt.

These promotional fights are great to watch I admit...I love them.

But they cannot be compared to a REAL fight by a trained fighter.

I'm not a grappler and if you got me down I'm fucked. That being wont get me down there.

Before you can grab me at least one if not both of your eyes will be totally fucked. If not that then your throat will need medical attention. If not that the pain in your abdominal area (kidneys or liver) will not allow you to be effective. You get the point.

I'm NOT saying I'm a bad ass...just pointing out that you can't expect these staged fights to be realistic. the ring a grappler does better.

The reason is simple, the grappler is allowed to use his strongest offensive moves while the striker is forced to rely on techniques other than his primary.

I have found the formula to winning a real fight is simlar to this:


Intensity is a real factor...if you can land blows and swing the fastest, you stand a good chance. Combine that attitude with training and will do just fine on the street if everything goes OK. Sometimes people just get fucked up from the blind side or multiple attackers.

Best advice is walk away if at ALL possible."

What do you think?

I think this guy is deserving of a green name

That's funny, cause I remember some frat guys in college tellng me the
same thing, it's all about intensity man. So if I do a helicopter spin as
fast as possible in the street gritting my teeth and bulging my eyes, I'll
do OK.

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Cool post.

Here is my reply...

"LOL at "You wont get me down" That is the funniest thing ever. I have two tapes of top martial artists and invincible street fighters that "could never be taken down" who in the end, were on the ground and tapped out or passed out.

If you dont believe me, get the tapes Gracie In Action 1 and 2. They are full of challenges by guys who had "street lethal" techniques. True that your mindset has alot to do in a streetfight, and multiple attackers will change your strategy for sure. But to say that you would NEVER be taken down?That is just setting yourself up to failure and a long night wondering where you went wrong in life."

What motorcycle forum forum was this?

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I ride bikes with several different groups in both North And South Carolina. I'd say at least half of them are very "up to date" on todays MMA.

And besides, as far as "bikers" as a whole, they have held MMA shows (promoted) at Sturgis the past 2 or 3 years.

Hi folks

Staged fights? Gracie has been accused of fighting tomato cans in the early UFCs. True? Maybe. I'm not sure.

The original poster's statement that he'll brutalize someone attempting a takedown shows he's never worked with a competent grappler and assumes his skills are superior.

Assumptions about your skills are dangerous.


that is sofa king sweet... keep it coming

Sounds like what many of the kung fu guys say right before the lights go out from a RNC.

I'm a grappler and been in a more than a few street fights, and while guys have tried to gouge my eyes, bite me and tear at my throat, it has never worked for then (thought I have lost quite a few, usually to guys with heavy hands). While they were busy trying to be "dirty", I was double legging them to the ground and pounding them sensless.

You have to realize that grapplers don't just walk up and shoot in on your legs, we set shit up. Faint one way, snap the head down, throw a punch at the face... all these tricks take about 1/2 second, and before the guy realizes it, he is on his back.

All that being said, MMA is not street fighting. But I would take a real (not 6 months of training) MMA guy over a street brawler 90% of the time. Game plan vs. no game plan-----game plan wins.

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