MMA to come to an end in ....

In the year 2012- 2013 . to be continued. I am doing some research on this now.

Everything is supposed to come to an end in 2012 so it's to be expected.

Mayan Calendar?

STFU Rogan

Yea thats what I mean , I am reading up on this now.

Ok heres what I found, and this isnt the only Guy out there proclaiming this.


In parallel fashion, God is warning the world that, in all likelihood, in the year 2011, the whole world will be destroyed. Sadly today, there is no evidence that the leaders and the people of our world are responding to this warning as the King of Nineveh did to Jonah's warning. However, there is surely the possibility for individuals all over the world to escape this awful destruction. All those who become saved will indeed be protected from this destruction. They are the individuals who are spoken of in Revelation 7:9-14 who are saved during this time of Great Tribulation during which God has already begun the judgment process (Jeremiah 25:26-29; I Peter 4:17). This explains why God has given so much calendar information in the Bible. As we carefully go down the timeline of history, we will see definite structure and harmony in the important historical events recorded in the Bible as they relate to each other. Thus, as we project them, based only on Biblical information, to the end of time, we will conceivably come to the year that possibly may very well be the last year of the history of the world.

you can read the whole chapter here:


Uh...Remember the year 2000 BS. The hype of all computers shutting down & civilization as we know it collapsing.

and 6-6-06 the devil child was born so were already screwed.

I remember the world was supposed to come to an end when I was in highschool too. It never happened.

No sooner than 2060, according to Isaac Newton.

That's it! I'm selling all my baseball cards.

I guess I better start stockpiling MMA DVD's.

There is also talk about an asteroid due to pass earth in 2022 -2023 so If God doest do it in 2012 he probably end all this garbage and do his laundry by then.