MMA training gloves?

I'm interested in getting the IMF MMA training gloves from Combat Sports.

Since they have a 2 inch thick padding over the knuckles, they might be safer for sparring. Of course, the extra size may make them harder to grapple with.

I have the IMF Tech Bag gloves and, I like them alot.
SInce these were IMF too, I thought they would be worth checking out.

Does anyone have any experience with them?

I have the training gloves from Combat Sports. They are not too big to grapple. They are bigger, obviously, but not too big.

My 2 cents.

We use them and the Fairtex brand as well. Both are good and work great for sparring.

I was going pick up some training gear too. I have $110.00 to spend in gift certs on, so I was going to get a good pair of sparring gloves. They have either Windy or Twins muay thai gloves available. Which ones should I get? I'd like to get shin guards and headgear too, but that shit is expensive and I don't have enough gift cert $$ to get it.

Also, can someone tell me if the "Top Contender" gear on the Combat Sports International website is any good to use for sparring? I'm just weighing my options. Thanks.

Check out, they have some of the training mma gloves like combat sports...just cost less...

Talk to Jake if you have any questions..he will hook you up!!!!


Bare knuckle sparring IMO.

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