MMA Training in Palm Springs?

just wondering if anyone knows of any schools in Palm SPrings area, around Ranch Mirage if possible.


There are some Kickboxing places in Palm Springs I believe


I just got back home from Palm Springs. I've lived there most of my life and unfortunately no one really trains MMA out there. There is about 4 BJJ schools out there. One is in Indio off of Hwy 111 the instructor's name is Ernie. I forgot the street name but it is behind the Mc Donalds across the street from K-Mart. There is another one who's got a lot of bodies to roll from what I understand is the Judo/BJJ club in Palm Desert. The school is at the Golds Gym in Palm Desert on Country Club and Washington. The instructor's name is Glen he is a black belt in Judo and in BJJ under Joe Moriera. There are also a few Purple Belts under Cleber who train there. A lot of wrestlers there too (from what I here). Another guy has a school in Cat City on Hwy 111. His name is Ramon. He is a brown belt under Joe Moriera. I'll have to ask my brother where his place is. And the last guy that has a place out there but I would not recommend is Kurt Rojo. He's the guy that got knocked the "F" out by Tony Galindo in KOTC. From what I hear he is very, very, shady. As far as kickboxing, if there are any kickboxing schools in Palm Springs, it's not worth wasting your time on. They are probably karate schools training without belts or gi's. I'll try to get more info for you. Phone numbers etc.

Did you just move into town?


Gord, did you find anything?

I still haven't gotten a hold of my brother yet.


Hey this is Pjay, jjay's lil bro. As for training BJJ in Cathedral City, there is an instructor there by the name of Ramon who is a brown belt under Joe Moriera and has a good amount of bodies to roll with. Ramon is a quality instructor who has a good attitude. From what I can remember his school is located on the corner of Date Palm Dr. and Hwy 111 and there is also Muay Thai classes offered there as well. I'm not sure who teaches that. Email me at so I can get you some more info.