mma training in Toronto?

how many schools are there in toronto that train mma?
And by toronto i mean you can get to them by subway.

ttt for dan.

also, email me.

i did email you the other day, check that shit.

my email is if yours is being a bastard.

I'm an idiot. You've got mail.

Shah Franco's.

I don't know how to get there by subway, but give it time, and enough people will respond...:)

I think it's probably fastest to get off at the Lawrence stop and walk up - not sure how long it will take (10-15 min?). Great mma and bjj training.

Orbit Dan, you're not new here, you know Shah's is
the best for mma in TO. ;)

Ok, maybe you didn't, but you do now.

I know Rebellion just added some muay thai, but don't know about nhb. Shah's is like ten minutes from yonge/lawrence.




i have heard about shah's obviously but just wanted to know what my options were.
I love pure grappling but i need something nwe to make things fresh again.
when is shah's website going to be up?

Yeah, Shah's has good mma'ers in the 135-155 pound range (e.g. Pato, Nancoo, Bruckman).

I'm around 190 right now.

the website is down, but i will give their club a call, i assume
the number is in the book.

email him at Best stop is to get off at Lawrence. York Mills is a little longer walk and an uphill battle.

...get off at lawrence and leave at the north exit and it takes 8.5 minutes to walk to shah's. it is beside the coffee time, and across the street when you see a mastermind store, you will know you are there.

thanks alot for the info!