MMA Trivia help

If I can find help anywhere it will be here :)

Im looking for either, someone willing / wanting to help or some real good resource sites (besides sherdog's fightfinder)

I am scripting a MMA Trivia bot for a chat room and would like to fill it with good trusted info, If anyone would like to help email me or post links here.


You can gather a substantial amount of information from the Event Reviews I have posted on the website.The 'Event Reviews' include the following information for each event:Rule Modifications
Promotional Modifications
Ring Announcer
Link to each match reviewed

If you are looking for information pertaining to specific fighters, you can check out the Fighter Profiles section which includes in-depth fighter profiles for numerous competitors (Phil Baroni will be added tomorrow).

If you are looking for Tournament or Championship History information you can check out's History section.

If you are looking for details regarding specific matches, you can check out the Fight Reviews section to refresh your memory.

Good luck!

Get a copy of "No Holds Barred" by Clyde Gentry III.

Most of the info is pre 2000 but alot of interesting stuff in that book.If you can get the UK version,has more pages i believe.

Hey thanks JCryan that is a great site!
It will help a great deal Im sure

Ill check into that as well dudley, I like history a great deal. Thanks

on to editing :p

I found some real good info on the site but I am still looking for more :)

like memorable moments, or unforgetables ko's or finishes