MMA.TV fantasy playoffs!!

(1) PainIsPleasure lost to (4) The APOCALYPSE

(2) The End Of Days defeated (3) Dawgs

(4) The APOCALYPSE (2) The End Of Days

3rd Place Game
(1) PainIsPleasure (3) Dawgs

These were the competing teams.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts Streak Waiver Moves

*1. PainIsPleasure 10-4-0 .714 1570.26 W-2 10 6

*2. The End Of Days 10-4-0 .714 1521.48 W-1 12 20

*3. Dawgs 8-6-0 .571 1548.26 W-3 2 1

*4. The APOCALYPSE 7-7-0 .500 1465.94 L-1 4 29

  1. Fedoristhebest 7-7-0 .500 1442.70 W-1 6 -

  2. alxholic 7-7-0 .500 1413.42 L-1 7 7

  3. Choke You Out 7-7-0 .500 1389.96 W-1 5 13

  4. Neck Crankes 7-7-0 .500 1327.60 L-2 1 17

  5. GO IRISH 7-7-0 .500 1252.78 W-3 9 31

  6. KirikMyName 6-8-0 .429 1375.98 L-1 11 17

  7. Cock&Awe 5-9-0 .357 1272.48 L-3 8 -

  8. 12inchCack500LBench 3-11-0 .214 1116.74 L-11 3 -

I screwed up and took Tom Brady and Drew Brees, then made the dumbass move of trading Brady. But I got Brett Favre and stayed competitive. Not sure exactly how i did so well in this league as my draft sucked, my trades were not remarkable and there were a lot of players on every team. But i am playing for the championship, had a 10-4 record and i'm stoked!!

During the live draft go irish said he would be trading during the season, but he did not. :P
I hope that next year we will have more involvement. A couple of teams didn't really play.

this is the one where i had autodraft.. i finished .500.

the other league where i picked my own players, i'm in the semifinals this week

yeah it helps to draft live. we had a lot of 7-7 teams. yours scored more points than most. I would say you did fairly well. No one really dominated. It was a good season.

my team was too good and had too much talent for me to make trades :P I figured i had to live up to my team name this year by sucking

LOL! You made more transactions than anybody!!!

LaDanian Tomlinson and Chris Chambers came through for me last night!! I was about 25 points down and had to wait to see what the Bolts would do, but they played well.

I edged out The Apocolypse by less than 4 points to win the Championship!!! It was a great season and i hope we do it again next year. I'd like to thank all my fans, and the cheerleaders, especially the cheerleaders. Anywho, good job guys but when it come to the end of the world. Only Doomsday will do the job. :)

i'm in the championship on the other league..  big problem though..  almost all of the playof seedings are set and i have a bunch of players on those teams..  i have 4 of them that are undroppable.  so i have to pick up new players and bench them.. 


Nice job Doomsday.

Good season fellas.