Hey All,

We are thinking about starting up a Monthly
Emailer. We might go with a printed version too, of
anyone wanted it.

Is there anything you would like to see in there??!?

Results from some of the smaller shows as well as a monthly fighter profile.

maybe a where are they now of mma old school know like they have on VH-1...i've always wondered what jimmerson is doing now a days!

ttt great idea!

If it has something original in it, obviously if it´s just gonna list results for past events and stuff most people already know about i wouldn´t be interested. But if it had stuff that wasn´t being posted everywhere else i´d definetly be interested.

results from smaller shows....

btw. bad ass idea.

A Luca Beston column would be great!!

Gary Hughes

A few things I think would be interesting would be:

Results from smaller shows.

A few 'behind the scenes' items

reviews of instructional videos


Stephen Carnes

a Skelboy european column, of course.

This probably isn't helpful, but I really miss Chad Beatty's Submission Fighter magazine.

bob s should be given a column.