I want one. MAKE THEM, Kirik! I've been bugging you keep saying, "oh yeah, I'm going to make them!" or "I'm going to start tomorrow!" or "I have big plans!" or even "I've already started making them!" Actually, I don't remember exactly what you said, but I wannnnt onnnneeeeee! Maybe if other people on The Underground give support, you'll make them faster? I like the idea of a black one with the blue logo...

TTT for one


Since we're talking about that, how about those Fighter's Notebook updates that are "coming" since 1999? :P

I think there used to be T-shirts when this was (I remember the caps. Dunno if they had T's) Design was pretty cool.

great! Hear that, kirik? Strike a deal with rumblefish.

They had t-shirts for a few years back but I believe people didn't buy as many as they had said they would so they stopped selling them. They had some nice ones "Pain is weakness leaving the body", "It's all wrestling", etc.

I had a hat until OMA stealed it from me.

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I was thinking the front shoud say MMA.TV Underground and on the back STFU KKM

We do need something like "I'm 100% sure it's the best forum", "When a Nigga aint eatin' he posts on the underground", "That's Wing-Chun!" or "The underground by whatever it wants..." to pay homage to undergroundese...

I'll definitely buy one..

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By the way, I'm doing these because I'm killing time before an appointment. THESE ARE NOT SERIOUS!


I like the one with STFU KKM but the letter should be a little lower and maybe arched like the Tapout logo

LOL...I've got 22 minutes...hold up and I'll change it


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That Rocks. I will take two. Kirik make it happen.