Make sure you get your heavyweigth cotton T in time for Christmas.  $20 mens, $21 womens. International Shipping available.

Free MMA.TV sticker with each order.

Pay with Credit Card, Debit Card or Paypal Checkout at

fuck the UG. We need ferox to design an OG shirt.


Just waiting for mine to come in.

^^They all shipped out yesterday :)

Thanks Quik gonna wear it everywhere

just like Tim's belt.

Hmm.. my order won't process. Says error 10752, transaction cannot be processed. CC company is issuing me a new CC but the current one is still in date. Meh. :(


I ordered one. Hope it gets here soon.


Anyway we could get our screen names on them? On the back or something?

^^^I thought about that. Obviously, it wouldn't be possible to screenprint each individual name on the shirts. My recommendation would be to get some iron-on lettering (used for football, basketball, baseball, etc jersies) and iron-on your screen name on the back.





you should make one for the og and you should get it with a blue name

The Benefactor, I might do something like that soon

"$20 mens, $21 womens" that's discrimination

can't wait for it to arrive and be able to wear mine to 66!

^^get on camera