MMA Tycoon-Cool fighter development game

Hey guys, huge MMA fan, I've never really posted, just the daily creep :P

Anyways, I play a solid free game called MMA Tycoon. You develop fighters by training various skills daily and have them fight against other people's fighters in organizations around the Tycoon world.

You can give them clothes, supplements, design their initial skill build, height, weight, etc. Easy learning curve, lots of guides on their forums, etc.

If you're interested at all check out the site below and make a free account to see if it's for you. I'm Izzyxtwo on the game and can help anyone if you're looking for tips.

It's a great game and I just wanted to get the word out to more MMA fans :) Thanks.

You play promoter? Phone Post

Brock Lobster - 

You play promoter? Phone Post

I'm just trying to get a fun game seen by people that also enjoy MMA.