mma/UFC on frontpage of!

check's front page. the UFC is featured in the Buzzlog and they are giving it major props.

damn, you beat me to it.

wow...just checked it out. Good stuff!

From that Yahoo site:

"Bubbling up from the underground, Ultimate Fighting is pummeling the buzz with its brand of mixed martial arts competition. With boxing on the wane and the butt of jokes (who is the heavyweight champ right now, anyway?), UFC has stepped in to fill the void for fans of mano a mano ring action.

This weekend, the UFC took over the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for UFC 52 and with a huge pay-per-view audience and a packed house, buzz emerged victorious. Searches on "Ultimate Fighting Championship" doubled Sunday, delivering a roundhouse kick to the buzz and knocking the circuit into our top 30 searches overall. Mainstream sports media neglected UFC, so fans flocked to the Net for news and information on what's poppin' in the octagon.

Hot on the heels of the buzz success of reality TV show The Ultimate Fighter, the UFC seems primed to continue its crossover into the mainstream. The Las Vegas card accounted for some of Sunday's largest search spikes including...

UFC 52 Results (+600%)

UFC Results (+569%)

Chuck Liddell (+361%)

Randy Couture (+274%)

UFC 52 (+186%)

Tapout (+138%)

Ultimate Fighting (+134%) (+132%)

Mixed Martial Arts (+122%)

While the circuit is still trying to shake the unsavory stigma attached from its early days of "no rules," the UFC has become proven search slugger and looks primed to keep the buzz in submission for quite some time."

sweetness thats really good news to hear mma getting some good exposure