MMA Vids: Sherk, Ritch, Denny more

From Tijuana, Mexico! This is the XXX-treme Impact show from last December. Grapplechaun was on hand to capture this great MMA event featuring and we've got videos of such stars as Sean Sherk, Paul Buentello, Thomas Denny, Shannon Ritch and Hannibal Aldofo!

At what point did "The Cannon" become a STAR? I've been away for a few days, maybe I missed a shocking development.


Good question, DO.

For DOAnyone can be a star!

how many people showed up?

TTT for Sherk.

Nice Sub.

Id like to get a video~! dont know about being an MMA star but i am a Veteran. This was a huge win over Reggie Cardiel? spelling? KOTC Promoter Terry was on hand and made a comment about this being a good win.
There were several good fights on the card. a must have for the MMA FAN...

Best wishes,
Shannon "The cannon"

I don't actually have the video other than the video clips you see
online. I had this video on my server for awhile but forgot about
it until recently.

Based on the quality of this card I might have to make it to the
next one (although I had no idea about this card until I got the