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Hey guys, we are happy to offer a much needed service to the martial arts community, fighters, businesses and even fans now have the option of having a dedicated MMA website design team to produce professional quality website designs. This service is a flat $149.00 and if someone can not pay the one time payment we even offer monthly payments of $29.80. This is a fixed price and includes one year website hosting at no extra cost. If anyone wants more information on this service visit us at



people like you... put people like me out of business. a
website for $150 (you get what you pay for).

"You get what you pay for" no you pay for what you get my friend. Why charge a person thousands when you can make a good profit on $150? How can you make a profit on $150? Because we do not higher a website design team to do the projects, we do them ourselves and we are the ones who made our own site so look at it and tell me if that's worth 150? No its worth more. But we do not want to break people up, we want to give EVERYONE who doesn't have thousands to spend the right to have a presents in the MMA community. How are we putting you out of business? We are not trying to compete or undercut anyone; we offer a service for people who are interested, nothing more. What if someone had this great idea but didn't have the money or website design skills to make it happen? If you call helping someone start a successful MMA online store for under $200.00 bad for the sport then I guess we are bad.

are you saying you will give them a design for $150, or give
them a design and build their site for a $150 (no matter what
size it is)?

If they know how they want it laid out or have website already we will build/redesign it from there (takes less time) but we will go as far as to build from scratch top to bottom. It all depends on what the person needs and plans to use the website for. But yes the price is the same all around.

lol, great site Bludhall... thanks!

OH SHIT... have you seen your site lately, what happened??

lol@Bludhall nice, never seen that before... BTW TheGorilla: about the size: we have a 30 page limit which is more than enough for almost anyone.

Just for the record...From the "" web page:Website design and mixed martial arts are not two words you hear often, but that's what you get with! We offer complete website design services in all areas if the fight game.("in all areas if" should be "in all areas of")From your second post (listed above):Because we do not higher a website design team to do the projects("higher" should be spelled "hire")Also from your second post (listed above):we want to give EVERYONE who doesn't have thousands to spend the right to have a presents in the MMA community.("presents" should be spelled "presence")I offer proof reading services for a monthly fee of $50 per web site (up to 30 pages) if anyone is interested.

"people like you... put people like me out of business. a website for $150 (you get what you pay for). "

I second that!!

I'm a web designer myself, thats cheap! Your search results on search engines will be cheap too!

Show me one person who has correct spelling 100% all the time while they are replying to a post bashing what they have to offer to help others out? No wonder everyone is so scared to post here. Not perfect=bashing helping others=bashing DEDend=no longer posting goodbye all, I am only talking about the people who have nothing better to do than flame others for no reason.

PS: yes being in the top 10 at altavista and yahoo is very cheap for a website that has only been online less than a month!

this forum isn't ment for spammers like you!! Stick to mma, not your pocket!!

you're letting people on the net get to you bro. quit yer cryin. expect it and either choose to

a)ignore it


c) all of the above.

not sure about the slamming regarding the grammar and all... i just think they meant that if you're going to be responsible for the design and layout of a person's website, regardless of how inexpensive it is... that a potential customer might want to at least feel confident that the designers know how to spell... just my $.02 though...

btw... did you notice that there were no spelling errors in this post?... ;)

you are probably right GlobalMMA

i am ALWAYS right.


maybe not. but i still rule.

Dedend has gone way out of his way to help me with website design and after speaking to him many times I can assure you all that he is very motivated to help MMA in anyway that he can. Those of you that are giving him a hard time about something like a spelling error are way out of line. The fact is Dedend could charge alot for his services but he just wants to help guys out - I first met dedend when he asked me if I wanted a free site - he has worked his ass off on my site and has never even asked for a penny. If I would have met this guy a long time ago I would have saved myself lots of money and time. Fact is there actually are some people out there that want to help MMA fighters and school owners. Dedend is just one of those guys.

Justin Morris

If you do web design by profession than chances are you dont do web sites for martial arts schools. If you do than you can expect $150. If you want to make 5k+ a site than you should be looking towards people who can afford that.


DEDend,Chill out, I agree with you regarding the fact that it's easy to misspell a couple of words when you're trying to get your point across while defending yourself on a Forum such as the UG.I should have contacted you through your site to notify you of the spelling error on the site.Ironically, I just received an email message today from your site ( asking to exchange links (just for the record, there were no spelling errors).I'll gladly add a link pointing to on the web site to make up for the trouble I have caused you.