MMA WEEKLY lol wow (pic)

Are they trying to say something?

OH GOD!!! LOL!!!!!

Someone has got to romoshop the dude with the earring that always is hugging and kissing on GSP after he wins in that picture.


Hughes by country ass whoopin

I see they are using romoshops for the articles lol


Someone with romoshop skills put the dude with the earring in and then a picture of Dana looking down at their junk like he always does at the weigh ins. LoL, this has so much potential and the fact it's on MMAWeekly makes it that much better.

Or put that weird dude with the bugged out coked up eyes' head over GSP's!

I agree, so much can be done with this picture! :)

It never crossed their mind that that pic was a bad idea? lol

GSP by poutine.


They're not doing anything wrong.  They're just doing this.

Yeah, I saw that this morning.....LOL.

LOL...thats so wrong!