mma weightlifting workouts

Ok so here is my question for the day!
I've recently started MMA. I've have been a bodubuilder for going on 13 years. Does anyone have any good suggestions for training routines or certain exercises that must be done? Thanks in advance.



Look in the articles section

check out the Strength and Conditioning sub forum (under General Forums)

Going to the S&C forum is your first good bet.

After that, you should go to these sites and start reading:

(my site ;-)

(Scrapper's site)

After you've done some reading, then start asking questions at the S&C forum, and we'll do what we can for you. ;-)

Louie Simmons' site, good info. Go through the articles, look for anything on the Westside Method, if you choose to follow that, make sure you look for the instructional ones on the squat, deadlift and bench. I have been lifting about 10 years, and thought I knew how to do these exercises, but Louie's way has already helped, and I am finishing up week 1 of the 9 week program.