MMA World Series of Fighting (Supposed Roster)

So according to their website under the fighters tab then have a list of fighters supposedly they signed. Not sure if true or not but cool if it is.

Brian Cobb (19-7-0)
Jared Downing (9-1-0)
John Gunderson (33-13-2)
Roger Huerta (21-6-1)
Kurt Southern (10-3-0)
Ronys Torres (23-4-0)

Ramico Blackmon (7-1-0)
Igor Gracie (5-2-0)
Gracie Gregor (6-1-0)
Andrews Nakahara (3-2-0)
Yordan Radev (23-5-0)
Tyson Steele (8-1-0)
Tim Welch (9-3-0)

David Branch (10-2-0)
Thales Leites (20-4-0)
Warren Thompson (6-1-1)

Light Heavyweights:
Tom Murphy (8-0-0)
Jamal Patterson (5-3-0)
Tyrone Sprong (0-0-0)

Chris Barnett (7-1-0)
Rolles Gracie (6-1-0)


 Ronys Torres will win the LW tournament

I don't know if they have a BW or FW weight class yet, but the first event on Nov. 3rd when Miguel Torres is fighting will not be a tournament based event. I'm pretty sure it will just be a normal card to introduce the promotion.

More free MMA on TV, can't beat that.


Not that good of a roster honestly, these arent exclusive contracts right? No way Rony Torres signs an exclusive deal with them, and isnt Torres signed with Titan?

I dont expect much from them but more mma on tv, NBC Sports, its probably very cheap for NBC Sports to fill what WEC/UFC left.

I dont expect them to do big things or anything but if they do some GSP with some decent prospects and mid level guys I'm all for it.

As long as they arent signing guys to exclusive deals.

Torres was allowed out of his Titan contract, although he will still be allowed to do one fight for them. His WSoF contract is for three fights btw.

Also I don't think they either have a working agreement with OneFC, nor are the people listed done with OneFC. OneFC and the WSoF's contracts are probably only semi-exclusive.

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