MMABigShow Cincinnati

June 23rd

Jason Halderman is fighting. Sick fighter at 155. Good Luck Jason and kick some ass. It seems the guy you are fighting is a really good jiu jitsu guy or something.....either a really dirty white belt or faded brown belt...somthing like that?

Anyone wishing to sponsor Jason should do it. He is a great guy and very good fight to back.

Tickets can be purchased from ticketmaster

You got any contacts to the promoter?..I had the number and misplaced it I new he was looking for a couple guys I would like to get on this.


Rafferty knows about him. All we know is he talks a lot.....

someone sponsor Jason

This is totally off topic...but did anyone on this thread go to the Extreme Challenge at Wall 2 Wall a couple of months back? If so, how was it for a venue? Did it draw a lot compared to the ICE shows at Metropolis? Will ICE be moving there? Last did Schall's and Housley's fights go? I read where they lost, but didn't get anything else about the fights. Thanks for any info.

Wall 2 Wall was a big nice place. I would say there were a bit more than an ICE.

wall 2 wall was a good venue. plenty of space.

Rod was doing well and got caught. Kerry just had a few bombs dropped on him but a desil lookin guy. fist beat chin.

With proper promotions..wall 2 wall could be a 2000 person venue

congrats to Jason Halderman