What's up everybody, just wanted to let you that know that MMAD gym will be closing.

There will still be Team MMA Development, but just no gym. Couple reasons why is that we never really wanted to create and expand to a large recreational gym. The focus was mainly to train fighters. The Kappa Quarry gym opened at a time when we felt that we could provide a better training facility for our fighters. It has been a great opportunity and we were able to develop many competitive fighters.

Some of our guys have been given great opportunities to further develop their MMA careers outside of Hawaii. Several have already moved to Las Vegas and there are others with plans to move.

We will be going back to the basics and the core of MMA, and no longer need such a large area to do so, we will be moving into a smaller location. This way we can get back to our standards of training partners. With the big place we need people to be there so we could pay rent. Now we can weed guys out with out the risk of losing money.

Team MMADevelopment will still be functional and training, its just we won't have a big gym to do it. If you heard of any rumors of people bickering or in gym fighting it is all lies. Everyone involved with Team MMA Development is on the same page with these changes.

Our training will be by invitation only.

With that said I would like to personally invite anyone from the hg to come and train. Most of you here are awesome at what you do so please come down. My email is --- email me and I will send you directions to the new place.

Any questions, post and I will answer, and sorry for the FRAT

Rob Hesia

Best of luck to Team MMA Development, you guys have put out some fantastic fighters!

Thanks for the invite, I am looking to further my MMA skills while on probation. I will be looking you up. Sincerly Corbit.
All kidding aside, good luck with your new team.

Right on good luck with the new format/direction.That my frengs is keeping it real.

Thanks for the heads up Rob. I appreciate you and Ranman coming on here and throwing in your $0.02 on threads.

I hope that continues.

Looking forward to seeing some MMAD boys in the ring.


Rob, brandon, brenton,
mahalo for the training sessions at your quarry gym.
everytime i go there , it reminded me of those tough Kahuku practices "hell drills". i really liked your hot box setup at the gym. good to hear you guys going back to da roots/
i come train wen my injuries are gone. good luck with your future endeavors. shoots . brad

Glad to hear you guys will still be running a gym good luck to you guys

ttt for MMAD

i hadn't heard anything bad ever about stuff going on there, only good things.

but the real problem is, where now will i send the lunkheads who walk into kteam and LIKE TRAIN UFC AH?

oh noes.

Who from Team MMAD moved to Vegas & where do they train? Would be nice to keep the Hawaii connection strong here in the desert.

You guys always produce some major talent. Good luck with your new location! Most people do not realize the sacrifice and trouble it is to run a gym.

Huh what......wait?

The gym is closing?


Much respect and continued success.

Good luck with the new direction your team is taking - I'm sure you'll find success.

Brad Tavares, Bryson Wailehua-Hansen and maybe a couple others I think have moved or are moving to LV.

im really disappointed to hear that the gym is closing.

being a member of MMAD has been a serious highlight in all my years of training.

MMAD was a place where the true aloha warrior spirit was alive! gentlemen on and off the mat.

tuesday wrestling-crossfit and friday bangin was soooo much fun!

thank you to rob n the wolf bros for taking me in when i was having a rough time in life and training.

1...2...3... team MMAD

Rob, can I tell your nickname now?


ttt for Rob Hasia, you da man!

Thanks for the words of support.

Greg Honda-- you the man!!! Thanks for the beautiful pics

Madtiger-- not new format, but old school format. Thanks for the support

Brad-- your welcome anytime.You no can throw me on my head through.

Mark-- Just send me a text when they come in and me or someone from MMAD will come and smash, hehe

Ranman-- Your crazy!!

Mike-- your my Jedi-master

Tony-- still got the team, just different location, hit me up when you back in Hawaii

KyokushinCatch-- I will tell them

Wutang-- still got a spot for you when you come home.

JD-- Lets keep that a North Shore thing, hehe


 To your success Team MMAD

if my account ever gets banned, i'm coming back as "Hob Resia".

jusayin :P


if my account ever gets banned, i'm coming back as "Hob Resia".

jusayin :P