"mma'er" converted to systema


I put it in quotes because I have no clue if this guy is someone who legimtately took mma or is an mma fighter. He's not on fightfinder. And any asshole can talk about a double leg takedown. It's really a fucking joke.

I mean, are there any people on this board from Russia who have a more in-depth insight into systema??? Like a comment on the youtube video, I, too, recall reading that russian special forces train in combat sambo.

A lot of their students have previous mma or grappling experience

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Ok, perhaps there is more on the DVD but seriously I didn't see him "Pressure testing" shit in that clip. The "MMA" dude came at him like every other Systema guy I've ever seen...half speed and sloppy.

This is from his website streetfightsecrets.com

About Richard Grannon:

Richard Grannon started training in traditional martial arts at the age of 10 with Shito Ryu Karate and Spirit Combat Jujitsu. Through his teens, he went on to study Togakure Ryu Ninjitsu and Aikido. From age 18, whilst studying for a degree in psychology, he took up Muay Thai and Brazillian Jujitsu while delving further and further into his studies into the psychology of fear and violence. It was this combination of practical martial arts and the psychology behind survival, that led Richard to began studying Reality Based Combatives systems and military hand-to-hand combat techniques.

To aid him in instructing his resulting hybrid combative system, he began studying neurolinguistic programming (NLP), qualifying as a master practitioner of at age 21. NLP forms the basisis of the system and the style in which he instructs.

At age 21 he put his training and experience to the test as he began work as a doorman, implementing the vast arsenal of physical and psychological techniques he had developed over the years. He later also began providing security and consulting services in Liverpool, England and Tenerife, Spain, all the while continuing his studies in Brazillian Jujitsu, Muay Thai and "Cage Fighting" techniques.

Now working as a martial arts instructor and NLP trainer, Richard actively transfers his knowledge of effective survival strategies for a violent attack on the street based not on "theory" or "philosophy"...but through the several violent encounters his profession has engendered.

I'd like to know who he studied BJJ & MT with. And maybe even rank/belt attained in BJJ. Probably give people a better reference point.

I had been doing mma about 5 years when I went to a systema seminar. They said they were going to start with pad work. Turns out their pad work was to be in pushup position and to slap a handmitt in front of you with one hand. And for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why everyone he was demonstrating on (the guys who came with him) would fall down every time when he'd so much as slap them on the back of the head. For five hours I waited for them to do some actual live sparring or something so I could test it out. Nope. $120 for Saturday and Sunday. I didn't go back the Sunday- I had a much more productive day watching TV.

Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that Systema is complete shit, it just seems that every demo of systema I've seen has been this slow, compliant type of demo.

And as far as Systema goes there has to be some merit to it as I've seen people who swear by it (Jellyman on this forum as well as others have brought up really interesting thoughts about Systema).

As I said I'd love to know that guys MMA/BJJ background cause some of his movements look downright horrific.

Fuck it I'm gonna email him and ask him what rank in BJJ he is, through who, and what his MMA record is as well as what shows he's fought in.

Not trying to be a wiseass, however there is a big difference, in my eyes, if Randy Couture endoresed something as oppose to someone like Manny Reyes Jr. endorsing something.


Ok I just sent him an email:


I had just watched your video as it is the center of a debate concerning the legitimacy of Systema. It has stated on your website that you have studied both Muay Thai and BJJ, and yet it seems you were still impressed with the methodology that is Systema. Since I have not really been exposed to Systema I can not comment on it, however since I have also studied BJJ/MMA I can kind of use that as a "Measuring stick" to answer the question for me whether Systema is legit or not. With that being said I would like to ask for how long you have studied BJJ and under who? Also if you have attained rank under your instructor? Also who have you studied Muay Thai with, and for how long? Please do not take this as a personal attack as I am, as stated above, merely trying to use the knowledge I have of BJJ/MT/MMA as a "measuring stick" in order to gauge the legitimacy of Systema. Thanks.



Well I guess I won't get an answer:

Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender

That sux :(

Got a response from that guy in the Vid (not sure what was up with the undeliverable message). Seems like a really standup guy that is upfront and candid about his involvement with Systema (which from the email did not seem very positive). I emailed him back and asked if he would be ok with me posting his response here to clear up any questions concerning his involvent with Systema and I am awaiting his response. If he is not comfortable with me posting his response I will direct him to this thread and ask if he'd like to respond personally...stay tuned :)

Systema isn't a set of techniques. It's more a concept and/or philosophy.

I wouldn't be surprised if a former MMA guy found systeam effective, b/c a former MMA guy would have all the techniques and attributes to make systema work.

A person with no skill and attributes wouldn't.

An interesting story behind this video:

This was a fallout from the usual internet babble - this guy found out about one of the UK instructors going to a bullshido throwdown. This particular instructor plowed some guy in the mush, which brought some criticism, but I guess it was enough to peak his interest.

So he approaches UK systema guy and shoots this video. I got the full video, and I can say that the non-systema guy got very surprised. The highlights here aren't the whole thing or even the best footage. At one point he wants to go fast, and ends up fetal. He tries shooting and gets a fest to the face. Pretty soon as soon as he shoots and sees the fist, he's diving out of the way so it looks like he's lunging for the wall.

This isn't an MMA guy trying to do systema. It's a guy with some apparent training in MMa related arts trying to take out a systema guy and being made to look pretty bad.

Now here's the funny part - he produces this DVD, and ALL THE SYSTEMA HATERS HOUND HIM ALL OVER THE INTERNET. They accuse him of being on the take (like systema teachers make shitpiles of money), of trying to find an easy way to get rank (there is no ranking system in systema, you're just as good as you are), of being a fraud, all kinds of shit. Keep in mind up until now this guy has been pimping his own instructional videos hyping use of MMA tactics for teh str33t for YEARS, and nobody says boo.

So what does he do? Stop selling the video, mutter some vague things about being 'mislead', and now is hyping some SAS jap slapping method. Weak-willied motherfucker.

Systema's technical content:

Systema will not neccessarily teach armbars for example, but it teaches the principle behind one. In practice (I'm talking at VV's club here) what happens is people do sub grappling, and whatever works is used. Sometimes the subs are improvised, sometimes someone might bring something in he picked up somewhere else. Culturally there is no problem doing something you saw somewhere else if you can make it work.

Here is a video clip of a systema guy giving a seminar which gives some idea of how we approach grappling:

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"It's a guy with some apparent training in MMa related arts trying to take out a systema guy"

I don't see anyone trying to take out anyone.

Where do you see that?

"He tries shooting and gets a fest to the face."

Which one, Ozzfest?

here's some footage of a systema guy from Vlad's grappling with a non-systema guy who (I was told) does some tournament stuff.

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"Where do you see that?"

Did you not read the part of my post wherin I said I watched the ENTIRE DVD?


The only Systema thread I can find on Bullshido is this:


What UK throwdown are you talking about?