MMA'ers that Game

Had this on another part of the forum, but need your input as well
especially Malloy - I know he sits at home drinking alot:

All right all of the grunting and groaning and arguing is cool and
all but how many of you are gamers. I am talking the true gamers,
not those who have know idea what an Xbox is, but those that are
true players. Take this chance to chill and talk about things we
enjoy doing outside of breaking arm knees and ankles.

What systems do you use - PC, Mac, Xbox, PS2, Cube?

What are your best games - and the systems?

I will state that if it doesn't blow up or glow when you shoot it or
squirt blood all over the place when you hit or kick it, it is not
worth it playing.


I have PS2, and I really like The Medal of Honor series, and Splinter Cell, currently playing Kill Switch.

Camarillo is playing Vice City.

Madden 2004 - I am un-stoppable. I am from FL and my team is
the Bucs, but no one will play me online since the Artificial Intel in
the 2004 game has them so highly skilled.

I like GTA III or Vice City when I want to be a psycho path and
blow everything up. Screw the missions, I will cheat, get all my
weapons and start the acummulating body count.

Great games I just got the package set of GTA - and have yet to
figure out how to drive without thrashing everything.

And Dude it is all about the ESPN football and BTW I am stoppable.

This should probably be in a different forum, but I'll indulge for a moment.

I've got PS2 and the Cube. Rarely play PC, but obviously I have one. :-) I like simulation stuff - especially racing - more than blood and explosions.

GTA and fighting games on the PS2 when I want to vent some frustration. Love Tekken Tag when we can get 4 people to make 2 good teams. Same thing with Timesplitters - it's the one 1st person shooter I really have gotten into for some reason.

I'm currently finishing up Gran Turismo 3 - about 85% done right now.

On the cube, I've got Resident Evil Zero, struggling with Rogue Leader (Star Wars), and enjoying the hell out of Metroid Prime.