MMA'ers that play Poker?

Any other fighters play poker...(I play online ...)

: )


Yes, but only real pokah.

Wrekker (Reggie Cardiel) and Bruce Buffer are pro poker players.

Bruce Buffer may make an appearance....

eddy Millis...was on Bodog poker show..Good

i play fulltilt

VC Poker (tribeca)

I am in houston right now playing in underground cardrooms, best poker I have seen in my life. Its cool cuz I play online while im sittin at a live game.

I came out for a week now im splitting time here 10 days and seattle 4 days every month, poker is sick out here.

Won a 12k cash pot last week in Pot limit omaha, playing with a guy who just learned the game couple weeks ago.

As far as I know I am the only professional poker player and fighter, Eddie millis is a pretty good player in his own right from talking to him about cards, but I bet the majority of his income comes from his successful school and mma show.

Poker can be compared to fighting, there is so much to learn and the best players are very well rounded. Alot of the new internet players dont have patience at live tables, or they are specialists in one form of poker only. Most good pros can play most games at a high level, not just one. Back before the poker explosion, you had to play all games to play in the best game, especially in small rooms.

I am going to train out of houston now, I want to have at least another fight or two, the time investment cost me alot in poker earnings, but being in the cage gives a feeling I can never achieve at the poker table, I just wish I was younger so i had more than a fight or two left in me.

Being in the cage is the greatest sense of freedom ive felt, and poker as career also gives me freedom. Thats whats important to me, so thats why I think i ended up as part time fighter and full time poker player.

Cash games give me the greatest flexiblity as to when I want to play, but there is so much money in main events I will start to play tournaments more, especially after im done fighting. Im guessing that poker has gotten so popular because its reality tv, and a gameshow where the audience knows what the players should do, alot of drama when there are sometimes millions at stake ona decsion. Kinda makes the regular game shows look weak when poker players play for so much more money...

Any other fighters out there play poker want to chat, hit me up in the poker forum.


i love poker....just not as much as mma

me too immortal!!

Texas Hold'em all night long...


How'd you get your start? Tips, etc.? I've looked at these poker stars and see how much they make for playing a game they love and I've always wanted to do that! Jiu-Jitsu and Poker is a great combination. =)

i play in Detroit/Windsor all the time. Usually 100 max no limit, but sometimes i'll play the 200 max game. One of these days i'll man up and sit at the 500 min game.

I play!!!

I played with friends after work, built up some cash, lost it in a casino, became a propostion player and thats where I really began learning how to play. I propped for two years at two different casinos total, won a few small tournaments and went on my own after that. I knew early on how important math was in poker, that sped up my learning curve and gave me a good undertsanding and foundation to continue learning the right way to play.

Ace on the river great book on how to handle yourself as a poker player.

Guide to ultimate tells -awesome book on how to interpet tells at the table

as for stratedgy books there are a ton out there, I would check one of the big poker forums for advice on the best new books.

patience, discipline,, solid basics, sounds cliche but those are the crucial traits necessary to be a good winning player.

GL guys hit me or PR up in the poker forum if u guys want a question answered....

$40 card night every Thurday at the Tomchek household.