MMAGEAR a fraud

Just thought I would put a note up here for all you guys so you don't fall in the same trap as we have.

We have been getting all our gis supplied by MMAGEAR for the last 2 years, and the service has slowly been getting worse.

It has gotten to the point where our last order of 30 gis made in November, fully paid, has not turned up and all efforts to contact them are being well ignored.

It seems to me that MMAGEAR have no sense of loyalty to long term customers (who happen to spend buckets of money with them).

Our bank is chasing them up for fraud, and associated criminal offences.

Basically a warning for you guys to stear clear of MMAGEAR at all costs, unless you like throwing your money away.

little dave & Cam

If you want Keiko Raca wholesale prices give me a holler


mmagear are thieves through and through.

was looking at a keiko or mkimonos.

so lucinda, drop me a line on

for both of you we typically order about 30 gis at a time, and regularily...

we are based in australia btw.

little dave & Cam

Check your email!


checked my mail, nothing there.

can you resend to


little dave & Cam

I have resent it. Any alternative email?

Little Dave and Cam I belive that we can get you squared away and fill your order(s) no matter what quantity you wish to purchase.
Contact for at least quote and see if we can earn your business.


I ordered a Keiko Raca from MMAGear a couple weeks ago. I'll freak if they rip me off!

We are still missing 3 kimonos from our order placed in last August - we have e-mailed them several times but nothing good. They really are scam artists - I think I am going to have a chat with my credit card company...

Two great companies to deal with: - the only authorized seller of Koral Kimonos in
the US and they carry a whole bunch of other stuff as well. If you are in
the South Bay area, stop by the store. You'll feel like a kid in a candy
store. Don't forget the checkbook or credit card. - great gis at a great price and fast service. or
We are located here in the US and we will never take your money unless we have it in stock and ready to ship. If you call us, ask about the new GrapplerGear single weave gi that is brand new on the market.

For many the appeal to buy from MMAGear is the simple fact that they offer free worldwide shipping.

That is until you find out that they include the price of shipping in all their products then call it free.

Of late they have not fulfilled their orders. Partly I think that they do not have the items in stock yet continue to receive and process orders via their automated credit card system. There must be a backlog of orders waiting to be filled.

Overall this is not good business practice and despite their support of the sport, there are many smaller, up and coming companies that offer great deals and much better customer service.

actually the appeal of mmagear was they stock machado, kf, and atama gis.

and when we started with them, the service was great.

it seems now they are no better than criminals with a website....

i was wondering briefly how they stayed in business, but then there are probably people like me every month who have paid for large quantities of gis an never see a thing. thats quite a tidy profit for them :-)

little dave & Cam



As for the FREE SHIPPING sometimes is not a good deal to do that because shipping to America is different from shipping to Asia and  sometimes all the profit goes on it . Although we offer it , is not a good deal for us vendors. But would not be fair either to the customers that live in other side of the globe ,at least everybody would have a chance to purchase a gear at a reasonable price.

Cam Rowe,

Bottom line of the story , look for a company that provides a good source of gear , have serviced people around the globe and have a reliable customer service , not to mention attractive prices. We invested a lot in our business model to provide people with an outstanding customer service and reliable prices.

We have nothing but outstanding relationship with the majority of the Gi manufacturers and brand owners in Brazil and all of them can give you good feedback about the work we have been doing . We are not trying to bash anybody here or promote us , but at least to tell that we can try hard to service people like we have been doing already for some customers in Australia . We have already established a clientele over there

On the other hand, we have a lot of companies just looking for cheaper prices that we cannot even match the price and they end up getting mugged by any amateur that promises miracle as for shipping time and prices.

Our 2 cents ,

RFW Sales Team







Shinblade- Thanks for the good word.

100 % of our stock is in US and is shipped from US. We are in Business since 1997 ( We are one of the pioneers ) we have a phone , address and a 2400 square foot store in Los Angeles . We are the exclusive distributor for Koral Kimonos and Vulkan in North America.

You guys can also come visit our booths at most of the tournaments in the US. We are also the official sponsor of the Pan Am 2005 and the ADCC 2005. Make sure to stop by and say hi.

Check us out or

ATAMA Kimonos...nothing more to say. They have been awesome to us, big and small orders. They let you know right there on the phone if they have what you are ordering (or call you ASAP and tell you). We usually get our stuff within 3-5 days. No other choice for us!

Do any suppliers specialize in Canadian customers?

For example, if you ship from the US via UPS, Canadian customers can face a surcharge of 8-15% Federal & Provincial taxes, $20 for 'handling', additional F&P taxes on the shipping (which many suppliers default to higher 'international' levels, or to the highest continental level), and on the 'handling'.

So, a US$20 rashguard, for example, can end up costing Can$30 (xchange) + $6 tax + $20 'handling' + $30 (shipping xchanged) + $7 tax on s&h = $93 (US$60+)

US$60+ for a fricken US$20 rashguard.

And to make is worse, sometimes when you buy on sale, they still list the retail price on the customs invoice, which can make it US$100+ for a fricken US$20 rashguard.

This is a real situation Canadian customers face on a daily basis.

(Note, I have found video producers more than willing to ship via USPS instead, or to properly list cost price on a manifest).

Rio Fight Wear is a top notch company to buy gear from. They care a lot about their customers, and have excellent customer service. All their products are excellent and great quality. Definitely give their site a look, and find if they have anything that meets your interest.



Please drop an email to us. We are working with two guys already in CANADA , that represent us. Soon they will be able to be our official Rep. Not to mention that we are official sponsors for main grappling event over there.


RFW Sales Force Team

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