Anyone know if ship what people order at their shop at the moment? Or ever read their email to customer support??

I ordered (and paid!) a gi at 23rd of february and as far as I can see on order status, it is not even shipped yet. March 16 I got a message that payment was received and it would be shipped in 72 hours, but that's a while ago now :(

I wrote at least 10-15 times to the customer support and never got a single answer.

Anyone having similar experiences? My friends have ordered stuff in the past and got it pretty quick, which was the only reason I would choose them for buying a new gi, but now I'm getting nervous if I am ever gonna get anything for the money I've paid 1½ month ago??

hmmm...first i've heard of this.


Christian, DO NOT order from MMAGEAR or advise anyone to do it.

We ordered stuff in august last year and still have not got some of it.

They do not reply any emails.

Contact your credit card company and report fraud A.S.A.P. - you might get your money back.

Heard rumors that there are big problems with this company BUT they have an automatic charge system so if you order you will be charged the money but noone ever deals with your order.

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P.S. Worthly shops to check out:
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Brazilianfightgear got my stuff to me in about a week (I'min the UK)

MMAgear used to be the best MMA store on the planet. Unfortunately their business seems to have gone straight to hell...

I had 2 good orders with them, but I would be afraid to try it again after all the problems others have experienced.



I'm having some problems with my most recent order from MMAGear. It would help if they responded to e-mails. I'm starting to get worried.


When are people gonna learn......