is screwing up...

The webiste is screwing up, that is. For whatever reason it won't let me
login or place and order. I go to checkout, and after it asks me to
register I place my information, and it asks me to register again.
Anyone having similar problems there?

I need new ear guards, and casca grossa is out of them.

Anyone know another site that sells those nice hunter ear guards?
The hot blood ones are nice too. I like them much better for jiu jitsu
than the wrestling ones, because you can slip out of things easier. The
wrestling ones seem to get your head caught sometimes.

Thanks in advance.

Aww, what's the matter? Pretty boy, big shot, prime time comedian don't wanna have funny lookin' ears? NBC don't want there star host looking like that Baby New Year special? :b

mmagear doesn't have the best customer satisfaction ratings, and it takes a wicked long time to get ya merch from them.

Ear guards are for faygs...

Koma beat me to it.

Why do you want ear guards? The "Couture" look is a hit with the ladies.

I'll sell ya mine. Please send $20 and an autographed picture made out to my mom and i'll send them out ASAP...

You might consider yourself lucky that you couldn't place an order with mmagear.


wazzup. try ebay.

i know i know. but they have a ton of sh*t there for mma and stuff. new too.


Thanks mom is gonna be heartbroken for not getting her autographed pic...=)

Thanks, Koma!

Jason, what up dude? When are you heading back to cali? We miss

Clock Choke, I'm really sensitive about my ears, man.
I figure at the rate my hair is falling out, my ears might be the only
pretty thing left on my head.

I wish bro. believe me..i should have listened to you man, i moved for the girl.!!!

as a friend you should have knock me the FU#K out when you heard that.

anyway , as soon as i can find $$ and a place i am back.. i email Gerald to see if he wants to live on my couch and train in the mean time.

thank you yoda.

j/k Jeff

Bald is in Joe! Look at Billy Zane!

Send me your credit card info and I'll try to place an order for you.



Use an A cup bra and put it on your head. It will look cool. Trust me.

Also, post some footage of your sparring so everyone can critique your technique. This way we can determine if you are a real purple belt or a Hollywood purple belt.



I have rolled with Joe. He is a real purple belt.

: )

im sure he's real. i doubt he would want to accept a paper belt consitering he seems to have everything else in order

have you ever seen him with a bra on his head?

Joe, I think my ears are a little too big. So if you need some later on in life let me know. LOL

I placed an order with riofightwear.

Thanks guys.