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BJJHQ Comment Board; Item: Name Brand Vale Tudo Shorts

"Does this shrink?"

"How does the size fit compared to the Shyoroll 3000 X-Pass edition (one of you fuckers WILL look that up)"

"How do I dry it?"

"PAY DAY, YES!!!!!"

"Sell more XZY Brand Gis"

"This is my first gi.  Is there some sort of chart to show the sizing (chart right by item usually)"

"I'm going to worlds as a blue belt, competetion legal?"

"NICE!  Now I have this is EVERY color imaginable.  Getting my second stripe tomorow."

"Jiu-Jitsu saved my life."


MMA HQ Comment Board:  Item: Name Brand Vale Tudo Shorts:

Sold Out.