Mmajunkie radio

Love these dudes. I really don't understand why they were removed from their xm satellite radio timeslot. It's become somewhat of an inconvenience trying to listen to them live through the web browser. I dont get how the Luke thomas show gets a good timeslot but MMA junkie is only on demand through the app or online. Same thing with Briann Stann. I love his shit but it comes out live later in the day

As much as we think we try not-We are in a mma bubble. Only hardcore fans will listin to mmajunkie, stann, bisping, Florian and Anika, ect

Never liked there show

JoseyWales - Never liked there show


The show has really grown on me.

They have some pretty stiff competition and the host seems to be petrified to have even the slightest disagreement with Dana White. Plus there is no creativity to the show, like for example Mastertweet Theater at CME. They need to step up their game bigly.

Goze and GG are cool cats. Put a great show and have a great thing going with their fans