HWs May 20/06

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Yes, we know that you don't agree with every spot, but until you join the voting team, your opinion isn't being accounted for. So join the team now. :)

1 Emelianenko, Fedor (233)

2 Nogueira, Rodrigo (240)

3 Filipovic, Mirko (218)

4 Werdum, Fabricio (238)

5 Kharitonov, Sergei (244)

6 Sylvia, Tim (256)

7 Overeem, Allistair (228)

8 Arlovski, Andrei (241)

9 Barnett, Josh (255)

10 Machida, Ryoto (222)

11 Drago, Edson (220)

12 Rua, Mauricio (227)

13 Monson, Jeff (239)

14 Olsen, Brian (230)

15 Fujita, Kazuyuki (233)

16 Cole, Devin (236)

17 Vera, Brandon (226)

18 Emelianenko, Alexander (253)

19 Buentello, Paul (254)

20 Gonzaga, Gabriel (242)

How is Werdum ahead of Sergei when Sergei just beat him not too long ago?

I can't speak for everyone who voted.... oh hell, sure I can. :)

I think people put Overeem over Sergei when it happened, then put Werdum in Overeem's spot when that match went down.

I can't say for sure though.

It's one of those nasty triangles...

Overeem > Kharitonov > Werdum > Overeem

I just can not believe that Sylvia and Andre are in the top 10. Only reason is because they are the fighting for the hw belt in the UFC. It is respect for the UFC not them as fighters. I can not believe anyone thinks Tim can beat Barnett, Barnett is the best American hw and that is why he is in Japan along with all the best fighters in the world including another American all star Dan "Hollywood" Henderson. Only exceptions to that Hughes.

how is shogun ranked that high?

Great question seeing the only HW fight he had ended with a broken arm on very little contact?

Rankings in MMA are pointless.

i thought the same about shogun. thats bullshit.

You can consider Shogun a "placeholder" if you wish.

People have different takes on whether or not fighter's past in another division carries with them.

Certainly we saw Couture's HW credentials translate into an immediate title shot at LHW. Same for BJ Penn.

Given that Shogun last fought at HW, the question becomes... do we ignore everything he's done lately? Some say yes, some say no. I don't think there's a right answer.

If we're getting technical, he and Overeem probably weighed at least 220 when they entered the ring against each other. With Shogun's win over Overeem, maybe Shogun is worthy of a lower spot.

ranking Shogun at HW makes no sense dude

I'd have thought Shogun would want to rethink his plans for the HW title... I mean, Fedor would just brutally bash him.

I just looked through the list about 3 times, I`m sure my eyes are playing tricks on me or you typed it wrong but,............

where is Hunt?

shouldnt he be top 5?


Do you mean considering Shogun a HW makes no sense, or putting him in the top 20 makes no sense?

As I mentioned, I can live with the notion that he shouldn't factor in on the HW top 20, but I'd have to think we must call him a HW, just like we do for anyone else who moves to another weight.


I'm not positive, but I think a lot of people give more weight to what has happened most recently.

If two guys are 1-1 versus each other, most of the time I see the person who won the most recent match ranked higher.

For me personally, I like to look at what else they have done recently, and kind of score each guy on a "big picture" basis.

I'd say (Sims, Block, Telligman, Assuerio) is a VERY slight bit better than (Matyushenko, Cabbage, Eilers, Buentello). It's razor-thin though.

You bring up a good point about the combination of the two fights showing more dominance in favour of Andrei though.

A related example is Wanderlei and Arona. In their two matches, Arona is actually ahead on the judges' cards 4-2, yet most rank Wanderlei higher because he won the most recent match.

The beauty of debate...

Arlovski/Sylvia 3 is our only solution. :P


We used sanctioned MMA as a rough guideline for the weight divisions.

At 292 pounds last fight, we have Hunt on the SHW list.

How about a 21 year old kid by the name of JAKE O'BRIEN???????????????????????

wheres wes simms?

Lol Hunt didn't make the list but he beat the #3 guy on it?

I just don't think it makes sense to rank Shogun at HW because he has fought almost all his fights except his last one at LHW. The opponents he can be compared to in order to prove where he ranks are at LHW.

he has not beaten a single HW fighter

At any rate a fighter who is 0-1 in a weight class does not belong on a list of top rankings for that weight class regardless what he has done in other divisions

at any rate, I respect what you are doing. rankings are fun and yours overall aren't bad except for including Shogun a glaring error

Werdum and Sergei are a bit too high IMO

Brian Olsen?