Top 15 HWs

47 voters and extensive statistical cross-referencing produce the latest installment of the Heavyweight ranks.

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1. Emelianenko Fedor

2. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

3. Tim Sylvia

4. Mirko Filipovic

5. Josh Barnett

6. Andrei Arlovski

7. Pedro Rizzo

8. Frank Mir

9. Vladimir Matyushenko

10. Ulysses Castro

11. Gan McGee

12. Wes Correira

13. Ricco Rodriguez

14. Heath Herring

15. Travis Wiuff

Voters seem to love Mir.

If it can be argued that Dan Severn still rules the "2nd tier" of MMA... certainly Castro owns Severn.

With a 7-1 record, it begs the question is beating someone like Severn a couple times in small shows better than Herring beating Yamamoto, Giant Silva, or Kotchkine in a Pride ring?

I guess it's a case of weighing Castro deserving, but not getting a chance on PPV vs. Herring getting and failing some of his chances on PPV.

Either way, I'd say it's a close race.

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a few of those guys don't deserve to be above Paul Buentello

And Herring just beat McGee, who has lost 2 straight, and is below him?

Alex Emelianenko has beaten two tough fighters too...

"And Herring just beat McGee, who has lost 2 straight, and is below him? "


Beware the A-B-C mentality! It will always bite your bottom. :)

For instance, if Herring should automatically be above McGee because of their one-on-one result, then why didn't you argue that McGee should be above Rizzo?

On a more overall spectrum, McGee is 4-2 in the same period of time that Herring is 6-3, which is basically equal. It's when you examine the opponent's credentials for their wins where you see a big difference.

McGee beat the surging Seth Petruzelli, winner of his last 6 fights. He beat Rizzo who has beat 3 names on the top 15. He also beat Ron Faircloth who has won 5 of his last 7.

Herring beat Vovchanchin who has as win-some-lose-some record lately, with no wins over ranked guys. Herring also has the win over McGee, which presents a catch 22 for Heath. If you don't rank McGee as a top guy, then Herring has no recent wins over a top guy.

Essentially, it's because of McGee's great credentials that Heath's win over him means anything.

I would agree that Buentello deserves more attention.

He is available on the voting ballot, but hasn't gotten many votes as of yet.

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Fedor's brother will probably need some more fights before getting a lot of recognition.

Kerry Schall is in the SHW category

Yes, Castro lost to the LHW MacDonald, but MacDonald is very accomplished in his own right.

I do agree that as Severn's performance begins to slip, Castro will need to post another big win to boost his resume. I'd say he certainly deserves that chance at bigger things right now though.

You'll notice that the guys listed under Castro on the latest update have all had a chance(s) in major organizations, and have met with defeat(s).

"how is sylvia above cro cop? cabbage almost KOd sylvia "


Not following you. Do you mean that Cro Cop would KO Sylvia because Cabbage almost did?

I think most people submit their lists based on what has already taken place, moreso than what *could* happen.

Nonetheless, you are welcome to add your input at The more people that contribute, the better the concensous.