MMA's 10 Most Insane Freak Shows

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 #6: Ikuhisa Minowa vs. Giant Silva

PRIDE Bushido 10, 4/2/06

Standing 7'2" and sporting a droopy nest of yarn-like hair, Paulo Cesar da Silva looks like an escapee from Jim Henson's Creature Shop — a gentle giant too weird for this world. And while it was always kind of sad to see the former pro-wrestler whaled on in his PRIDE appearances, there was something classic about this particular beating. As usual, Minowaman didn't let his opponent's size rattle him. Instead, he lulled Silva into a false sense of security before executing an unbelievable somersault-takedown, then moving to side-control and unleashing a barrage of knees that made the big man tap. Sadly, Silva had to be put down after this match, but his memory lives forever.

 #4: Bob Sapp vs. Kinniku Mantaro

Fields Dynamite!! 2008, 12/31/08

Don't ask us to explain Japanese entertainment. All we know is, the organizers of Dynamite!! 2008 thought it would be a good idea to have cartoonish super-heavyweight Bob Sapp face off against an actual cartoon character at their most recent New Year's Eve show. Playing the role of "Kinniku Mantaro" from the beloved Kinnikuman/M.U.S.C.L.E. cartoon series and toy line was Akihito Tanaka, who's actually a very decorated amateur wrestler. And while that gave the match some measure of legitimacy in theory, it was just a big sloppy shit-show in reality. As it turns out, fighting while in costume can be challenging. Watch Mantaro take a moment to adjust his mask at the 6:06 mark and pay dearly for it. Good times. We hear this year's Dynamite!! New Year's Eve show will host a superfight between Gina Carano and Dora the Explorer.

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By chance did they all take place in Japanese organizations?

QueenEstherDidMeDirty - By chance did they all take place in Japanese organizations?

All but two!