MMA's Continues to Extend Reach

In today's issue of "Inside Bay Area," there is an article titled Boxing lacks 'Ultimate' thrills. The point of the article is that the UFC is a "hot new alternative" to boxing. is a website covering the San Francisco Bay Area. I find this article significant simply because the newsgroup doesn't really give boxing any coverage at all, and its sports coverage focuses heavily on Bay Area eeams. The piece, therefore, is a bit out of InsideBayArea's comfort zone.

Here is the final paragraph:

There was a time when boxing provided this sort of entertainment, but not any longer. You can have Bernard Hopkins and Felix Trinidad. I'd rather watch Matt Hughues, Vitor Belfort or Tito Ortiz any day.

Check out the article and email the guy with your approval, if you like, and maybe we can bring the major newspapers into the mix along with the mma-focued media.

MMA vs. Boxing Article