MMAs Greatest What ifs

Because we saw him in Strikeforce. Didn’t go well

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What if Lee Murray wasnt a bank robber?


Lee Murray’s whole claim to fame was punching Tito Ortiz in the face in London. Everyone teabagged him for that but people forget that when Tito went looking for him afterwards, he wasn’t anywhere to be found.

I wish Tito would have gotten the chance to crush Lee in the cage.

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his ears?

Different injuries,but massive problems with his ears yes.

It got so bad with infections that I think they cut it off and reattached it.

What if the Diaz bros weren’t complete idiots with their career management. Those two dipshits left millions of dollars on the table. Nick has at least acknowledged some poor decision making in an interview.

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What if Royce lost his first fight?
What if Anderson fought GSP?
What if Khabib fought GSP?
What if Jose Aldo beat Conor?
What if Rickson fought in the UFC (or fought Sak)?

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Bisping wasn’t too big for GSP and he’s about the same size as Silva.

Bisping was simply a more winnable fight for GSP. They trained before and George took him down at will, even Bisping admitted as much.

I don’t think George was scared of anyone including Silva but you know ze fight game iz like ze stock market and that is how George treated his career. Noone would call George the GOAT had Silva destroyed him. Smart play imo

Yeah I always wanted to see that fight, Cole’s BJJ and frame could have caused McGregor some problems.

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What If, Dana boxed Tito and knocked him out?

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Regarding Connor, at FW, during that time, I think he would have still ended up being champ but he never faced Frankie and I would liked to have seen how a full camp Mendes fight woulda gone too. As much as I’m a huge Aldo fan, I think he could have given a better fight of course but I think stylistically and size wise, I think Connor would have still won. Aldo lost to the top next level/Gen FW strikers in Max and Volk too.

Ironic to think however that the next level/Gen fighter in Connor regressed shortly after his peak (Aldo, Alvarez) yet Aldo kept evolving to this day.


But yeah what if Connor actually faced wrestlers or other grapplers in his come up in the UFC?

Frankie, Mendes, Lamas, Elkins, Lentz, Guida, Kawajiri, Bermudez or Oliveira……yeah he prob woulda beat most of them but….he may not have early on in his run.

They def wanted to avoid the Pettis/Guida situation.

Let’s also not forget that Cub Swanson was the other top contender at the time …Cub got Frankie, Connor got Siver.

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That woulda been awesome

Lee Murray would bash Titos big tater head in any day of the week.

Tito was fake tough. Lee Murray was a king of the streets.

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Dress shoes!!

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Yes! I forgot about the Cub fight, that would have been a good one too. Old Man Swanson is legit

What if Pride never died? :disappointed_relieved:


Fuck…how awesome would it be if Conor didn’t get so huge as a star and had to run that gauntlet?

It died