MMA's premier trash-talkers

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                                MMA's premier trash-talkers

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UFC lightweight Jacob Volkmann brought a lot of attention to himself following a recent win on Jan. 1 by saying he'd like to face U.S. President Barack Obama in his next fight. The statement got him a visit from the Secret Service as well as a quick video clip on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. Volkmann isn't the only mixed martial artist who has created a stir outside the cage. Here are another five:

5. James Toney

4. Phil Baroni

3. Nick Diaz

Bet half of you know the area code to Stockton, Calif., is 209, don't you? And how? Nick Diaz. He has shown he is here to win fights, not make friends or bring honor to his family's name. MMA is fighting, son. And Diaz is here to represent.

2. Tito Ortiz

1. Chael Sonnen

The UFC launched a marketing campaign in late July that simply featured Sonnen sitting in a chair, running his mouth. And rumor has it the UFC used only about 0.05 percent of what he gave them. Sonnen went from virtually unknown to "that guy who doesn't like Anderson Silva" to Chael Sonnen. If "MMA Live" handed out a Best Talker of 2010 award, it would have been a unanimous decision.

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Nick Diaz can barely talk!
I do love to watch him fight though!

Koschechk could have come close to the list.

How did Big Sexy not make this list?

 this is a direct slap in the face to the UG and mma fans that appreciate trash talking across the world

Even though he doesn't speak English, Ricardo Mayorga would have been better than all of these guys.

someone get this farce of a ranking fixed


Chris - Koschechk could have come close to the list.

I don't think so.


kos's trash talking is reallly weak...

"I'll motorboat his ass"

umm... wat

Should be based on how well it's backed up.. cause lots of those fighters talk loud but get their asses kicked.. frequently

lol at that list ...although he's retired now, Frank Shamrock faced Tito, Baroni, and Diaz and got the better of all of them on the mic. Frank isn't relevant now, but then neither is Tito or Baroni.

Frank clowned Tito before Tito became the HBBB in their fight announcement in the octagon. Tito was still actually a bit normal or humble like 'i dunno, we'll see what happens...' while frank laughed and said something like "im frank shamrock, i break legs, i break spirits" which is exactly what he did to tito.

Tito, like Kos, were always super forced, try too hard "trash talkers."

Chael is very entertaining, i will give him that.

Lindland was good too.

Hardy is better than Tito and Kos and he sorta bugs me which i suppose is somewhat of a sign that he is doing his job but i think its also coupled with the fact that he has risen perhaps more due to his growly faces and hairdo than his skills. He def still has potential to be a legit top 10er but i dont think he is thus far.

Baroni is someone we laugh at (and has more time to eat that pork fried rice now days too).

Diaz is funny esp since he seems to shoot from the hip the most.

romophobia - Nick Diaz can barely talk!

thats part of the charm.

Lindland deserves mentioning.. he might even be the best.. and probably responsible for half of Chael's stuff.

ganther - I don't think Baroni should be on the list, he's become more humble in recent years.

he never was. he was more of an over the top clown on the mic and screen. who took him seriously or laughed with him at what he said?

he was an entertaining figure and exciting fighter for sure.

inf0 - Lindland deserves mentioning.. he might even be the best.. and probably responsible for half of Chael's stuff.
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i doubt it, they both seem true to their own material or their own material seems reflective of who they are.