MMA's Top 8 Brazilian Warriors of All Time

 5:10 mark

 8. Lyoto Machida

7. Jose Aldo

6. Shogun Rua

5. Vitor Belfort

4. Wanderlei Silva

3. Big Nog

2. Royce Gracie

1. Anderson Silva

Belfort over rua? Otherwise decent list Phone Post

I thought we were gonna list more than just UFC fighters..

Still a good list.


no bustamante, really?... wow

ookla would not be happy

  1. Royce/Rickson<br
    2. Big Nog<br
    3. Wand
    4. Anderson
    5. Marco Ruas
    6. Rizzo
    7. Busta
    8. Pele

What about pele Phone Post

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